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Verify First Technologies has specialized for the last 10 years in making superior anti copy paper to prevent copy duplication. Using VFT's patented NaNO copy technology we are able to incorporate multiple layers of copy verifiable security into any document. On the simplest level, when anyone tries to copy your secure document a copy, alert message shows brightly on the sheet making any counterfeit copy obvious. On a more complex level, the screening and hidden message is actually made of fine dots and micro-text that is nearly impossible for your desktop counterfeiter to replicate. That's not all, the microtext is actually an algorithm that can fool the sharpest crook. If your questioning your documents authenticity, a simple magnifying glass makes document verification easy. Our NaNO CopySafe paper has proven to be one of the few, if not only, copy verifiable technologies that will succesfully defeat the wide range of color copiers available to the public. Other companies offer anti copy paper that on the surface appears to perform adequately under many copying conditions but all creative crooks know that using higher end color copier photo settings can duplicate these other papers quite well. Ask us about our Level 1, 2, or 3 CopySafe paper or have VFT print your existing security documents and incorporate this technology into it.

For applications that require a higher level copy protection click here to go our CopySafe+ page. Verify First began looking into this technology after numerous request for a "Non-Copyable" paper. Where standard anti-copy paper focuses purely "copy-evident" technology, some customers were requesting a paper that actually turned the text or image on the sheet to become illedgible.



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