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Secure Print Technologies

International Security Products has developed numerous private anti-copy technologies used to protect any kind of document.

“Tamper resistant security strip”

A word, such as “SAFE”, is ghost engraved on a special tamper resistant material that, once signed or printed on, cannot be easily altered. If an attempt is made to remove or lift the “SAFE” strip, the words “void” will appear in the background. This feature works especially well in the amount field when amount alteration is the concern. Verification is accomplished by tipping to light.

U.S. Patent – 5,762,378


“Synthetic DNA Molecular Code”

CodeSafe® offers unique Non-Organic “DNA” Molecular Code protection for absolute court enforceable authentication on any security document. The CodeSafe® technology can be verified immediately in the field by three methods:

    1. Verifying CodeSafe® with a black light will cause the CodeSafe® area to fluoresce to blue.
    2. Inspection with a specially tuned laser will cause CodeSafe® to fluoresce to a red/orange color.
    3. Inspection with a go/no go audible reader is ideal as a higher level of field verification.

For exact code identification, a spectral analysis can be accomplished in a forensic laboratory to assure document authenticity.

U.S. Patents – 6,082,775 & 6,106,021


            ….when copy-evident paper just isn’t enough

International Security Products has introduced CopySafe+™ as the best “copy preventable” papers on the market today. The simplest way to describe CopySafe+™ is that it works on the principle of unique light reflection andabsorption, which causes interference patterns to prevent your printed content information from being ledgibly copied. Anticopy and Safety paper isn’t just copy evident anymore.

CopySafe+™ has been developed to protect sensitive information from easily being scanned or photocopied. The technology also helps prevent the reproduction of alphanumerical characters and/or graphics such as pictures and maps making the areas truly copy proof. Produced on high quality 24#/60# offset stock, our stock has been tested and proven to work on almost all laser printers. In addition to the CopySafe area, the rest of the sheet is protected by our anticopy voiding background that alerts “VOID” and “UNAUTHORIZED COPY” when a copy attempt is made.

Uses for CopySafe+

● Confidential Office Documents
● Court Transcripts
● Wills and Testaments
● Financial Documents
● Contracts
● Manuscripts
● Patents
● Software Code and Concepts
● Schematics
Anything Sensitive!

1 Original / 2 Color copy

PDF overview

“Anti-copy Halftone Security Printing”

Capture any image such as a corporate logo, a photograph, a key word or phrase, and convert that image into a LogoDot® halftone dot that replaces conventional round dots typically used in normal printing. When compared to conventional halftone dots, LogoDots® are much more difficult to faithfully reproduce with commercial photocopiers and scanners, resulting in easily detectable copies.


“Anti-Copy Foil Message and Numbering System”

The MetallicSafe® process protects the security document from scanning or photocopying. This patented feature works on the basis that a highly reflective metallic image, number or message works in conjunction with a printed scrambled background with similar graphics as the metallic message. When the product is scanned, photographed or color copied, the highly reflective metallic image turns predominantly black, causing the image or message to disappear into the background.

Verification is simple and very obvious. Tip the MetallicSafe® area toward light; if you can’t verify the message or number, then it’s a counterfeit.

Not only are we able to serialize a document with this technology so that every form is unique but send us your name or logo and we can implement that for a truly impressionable security feature.


PDF overview

U.S. Patent – 5,704,651


“Anti-Copy Encrypted Pantograph”

A much improved anti-copy pantograph for security documents that is created by utilizing micro alphanumerical characters to create an encrypted message that cannot be digitally replicated and re-printed. What is replicated on a color copy is a robust copy/void warning message. To view and verify the encrypted micro characters, use a magnifying glass. Because of the encryption, this technology can be used to trace its origin and is also court enforceable.

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Heat Reactive Verification Signature or Logo

Logo phantom and/or signature obscures when digitally scanned or photocopied. Designed for security documents where a signature or logo must be pre-printed but won’t effectively be reproduced when copied. This feature also works excellent as a security verification seal by color shifting from any heat source.

1 Original   / 2 Color copy

U.S. Patent – 5,636,874


“Ghost Security Watermark”

The words SAFE, or any other custom message or graphic, is process ghosted onto the paper and can only be seen by:

  • Marking with a dark highlighter
  • Rubbing with the edge of a coin
  • Holding at approximately a 45º angle towards light
  • Holding at approximately a 45º angle away from light
  • Holding under a fluorescent “black light”
This security watermark will not digitally scan, photocopy or color copy. ProGhost® is a document security feature that, when used with a written warning, easily verifies the document is original.

U.S. Patents – 5,344,192 & 5,695,220 & 5,826,691
U.K. Patent GB – 2,276,588B
Canada Patent – 2,159,636


“Security Hologram With 3rd Dimension”

RefractoSafe™ is a multiple refractive security foil that cannot be photocopied and still maintain its effect or message. The multiple message, in either clear or metallic, alerts the person handling the transaction that the product is “SECURE” – “GENUINE” – “ORIGINAL”

U.S. Patent – 5,772,248


Security Paper”

A non generic true watermark paper with unique security images embedded into the paper, which can only be viewed by translucent “pass through” light. SafeImage™ security paper also incorporates chemical inclusion protection, toner fuse adhesion, blue and red visible fibers, invisible fluorescent fibers, and most important; this very high-end security paper is available only to security printers with certified and secure facilities.

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Security Hologram With 4th Dimension

TamperSafe® is an optical variable security hologram with the word “SAFE” or the name of your institution engraved into it. When viewed at different angles four distinctly different images are apparent:

  • A security icon of a lock
  • A security icon of a key
  • The word SAFE behind the key
  • Your institution name or the word “SAFE” engraved into all the images

The fourth image is normally the word SAFE but can be customized to any word, letters or graphics that would properly fit into the hologram. Through a custom engraving process we can create a tactile feel feature into any foil, holographic or not.

This technology offers a very high level of document security that is also laser compatible. International Security Products can also apply any type of security hologram to just about any type of document or form. From a true three dimensional registered hologram to clear holographic laminates we are equipped to accomodate just about any request.

U.S. Patent – 5,772,248


Heat Sensitive Camouflaged Message

Brisk and rapid rubbing of the indicia areas reveals a hidden valid or alert message and verifies authenticity. Additionally, the heat from a color copier will normally activate the hidden alert message; causing the accepting party to read the warning message. The activated message reverts back to its original camouflaged state upon cooling.


“Density Change Copy-Void Pantograph”

An improved copy/void pantograph which reveals a warning message when a color photocopy is made. Utilizing a temperature sensitive camouflage pattern to conceal the extreme NaNOcopy™ background, which creates a robust warning message when copied. The temperature sensitive “thermochromic” camouflage also acts as a verifier since it disappears or changes color when touched, rubbed or breathed on.

1 Color copy   /   2 Original

U.S. Patent 5,636,874


“Heat Reactive Verification Seal”

Touch or breathe on fingerprint seal and a “valid” message will verify authenticity. This technology is a good security feature for anyone to verify document authenticity and is also laser compatible.

U.S. Patent 5,636,874